Radio NABA is non-commercial music radio station in Latvia. Radio Naba can be heard at 95.8 FM, and will feature over 40 shows. The rest of the world can currently tune in via the wild wild web – at www.naba.lv.

Non-profit radio NABA started broadcasting at late 2002 and came into existence with the support of the University of Latvia and The Latvian National Radio and became 6th Latvian Radio channel. It can be considered a continuation of student Radio KNZ traditions, yet the broadcast content of Radio NABA is more varied in both informative and musical aspect.

Radio NABA considers it’s primary target audience being 17 – 35 years old thinking persons, desiring more than the standard commercial product in both music and information.

Radio NABA’s air schedule is divided into day and evening programme blocks, providing listeners with 30 thematical and musical broadcasts per week. The broadcasts are developed in cooperation with professionals in various fields. NABA keeps track of relevant topics of daily importance – culture, educational issues, analysis of political processes, environment and its protection, modern technologies, human rights, etc. Other broadcasts are dedicated to: poetry, fairy-tales, female vocal, history, theatre, student life and various music stiles.

The musical diversity available on Radio NABA is unique among other Latvian and even Baltic radio broadcasters and is the prime mark of differentiation. In the choice of music Radio NABA is based on a mix of elaborately various radio content-formats, i.e. free format – AAA (Adult Acoustic Alternative) and alternative rock; ethnic-related (world, folk, roots music); and all progressive-alternative trends between the popular genres of classic rock and jazz (ambient, industrial, new age, electronic, experimental etc.). This broad musical and topical choice allows approaching different auditors, tastes and interests.

Adress: Aspazijas blvd. 5, Rīga, LV - 1050
E-mail: naba@radionaba.lv